Which function can realize micro letter service number? Shechem micro letter number service features

Shechem network focus on the micro letter interface function custom development services, is the micro letter public platform of third-party partners, independent research and development of micro letter CRM software core code has access to the software copyright registration certificate!

List of modules are exclusive to shechem, different from the market don't micro website micro marketing company!

Shechem micro letter website news can implement and data exchange!

Shechem micro letter service features:

Micro mall qr code, characteristic parameters automatically send single, make an appointment, micropayments, customer service, micro card, sweep the yard activities, qr code coupons, micro hkej meeting attendance, mass message, binding personal information

Characteristics of micro member function:

Member recommendation feature, focus on management, cancel the attention list, membership growth value integral, traces the source of customers

Micro website features:

Marketing data analysis, the graphic comments, choice of templates, universal form, information collection, SMS notification

General features:

Common micro website generic function: graphic information management, photo albums, micro message, scratch CARDS, big wheel and micro research

Micro picture album

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